Vice President

  • Hyderabad
  • Crestxo

About our client : Our client is one of the most promising startups in New Age Technologies Like AI & Digital Engineering. This AI business venture (Joint Venture) is backed by India's two most prominent business leaders. It is headquartered in Singapore with offices & development centers in Noida, Gurgaon & Hyderabad.

Role & Responsibilities: Head of Delivery

Location: Hyderabad

This role requires someone with a visionary mindset and the ability to lead and inspire cross-functional teams. The Delivery Head's role is to ensure the seamless integration of creativity and strategic insight into every facet of the delivery spectrum, from operational excellence to customer delight, thus shaping the organization's future in the IT landscape.

Innovation Leadership - Spearheaded initiatives for process improvement and adoption of cutting-edge technologies, embracing a culture of continuous innovation that manifests in superior client outcomes.

Strategic Client Partnership - Elevate customer experience by forging relationships that go beyond the transactional level, ensuring alignment with client's evolving needs to deliver consistent value and satisfaction.

Transformation Advocacy - Advocate and lead transformational changes within the delivery process, ensuring that the organization remains agile in adapting to the new market dynamics and technology trends.

Profitability Stewardship - Manage resources and budgets to optimize delivery profitability while

ensuring the quality of service remains uncompromised.

Talent Cultivation Mastermind - Develop and mentor the delivery team to cultivate future leaders,

fostering an environment where innovation, accountability, and progressive learning thrive.

Compliance and Data Guardian - Uphold the highest standards of compliance, contract adherence, and data protection to fortify the organization’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Vendor Alliance Architect - Build and maintain robust vendor partnerships that encourage collaborative success, optimizing the delivery supply chain for peak performance.

Qualifications & Technical Expertise

• Proficiency in Handling Complex Projects and Emerging Technologies.

• Entrepreneurial Spirit with a Startup Mindset

• Versatility Across Various Program Types

• Specialized Domain Expertise in Travel, Transportation, Logistics, and Hospitality

• Strategic Visionary with a Proclivity for Long-Term Planning and Forecasting

• A Maestro of Cross-Functional Team Leadership, Inspiring Peak Performance

• Champion of Cutting-Edge Quality Assurance Methodologies.

• Expert Navigator of Global Market Trends.

• Catalyst for Robust Process Optimization and Agile Methodologies

• Guardian of Customer Success, Ensuring an Exemplary Journey from Start to Finish.

• The Bridge Builder for Stakeholder Collaboration and Consensus

• Adept in the Art of Negotiation and Resource Allocation

• Data-Driven Decision-Maker with a Pulse on Performance Metric