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Are you a relentless dominator in the realm of business development? Does the pursuit of a lead with unyielding perseverance ignite your inner fire, and sealing the deal sends an exhilarating rush through your veins? Are you driven by unquenchable ambition, eager to showcase your sales prowess?

If your spirit resonates with these burning questions, an exceptional opportunity awaits you as a Study Abroad Coach at Nbyula. We are in search of extremely tenacious and persevering individuals for whom winning is the only KPI, those who truly believe that they are at the top of the food chain when it comes to business development. If you are one of those, we have top-of-the-line compensation and rewards to match your relentless ambition.

Roles and Responsibilities: ☑ Provide personalized counselling to students and families, offering expert guidance on abroad universities, programs, and admission requirements.

☑ Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in multiple study-abroad countries' education systems, including university rankings, program offerings, and scholarship opportunities.

☑ Advise students on the visa application process, including the documentation required, interview preparation, and financial considerations.

☑ Maintain accurate records of student interactions, applications, and visa-related documents.

☑ Stay abreast of changing immigration policies, visa regulations, and international student guidelines to provide accurate and up-to-date information to students.

☑Lead Prospective and Conquest -active and continuous lead hunting. Your unwavering determination and tactical approach will mould prospects into valuable partnerships. Ignite the work abroad and study abroad journey of individuals by identifying, evaluating, and relentlessly pursuing promising leads.

☑Client Symphony: Craft a plan/package with utmost precision and nurture robust relationships with users, harmonizing their aspirations, hurdles, and objectives. Your empathetic finesse and compelling communication will position us as their trusted ally.

☑Solution Choreography: Choreograph captivating presentations of our product -Nbyula and listed services, choreographed to resonate with each prospect's unique rhythm. Your artful narration and deep understanding of the sales cadence will enrapture clients. You will be the face of Nbyula and the first point of contact who makes everything possible for aspirants.

☑Market Mastery: Maintain a vigilant watch over industry trends and market pulsations. Your foresight will be our compass, steering us toward strategic triumph.

☑Sales Virtuosity: Collaborate in symphony with the sales ensemble, composing and orchestrating strategies that resonate with our sales crescendo. Your analytical harmonies and proactive melodies will orchestrate our sales opus.

Qualifications: Nothing matters if you are the best! Apart from a stubborn passion for sales, here is what you will need to have a strong personality profile :

Proven experience as an Abroad Education Counselor (at least 4 years of experience in the study abroad coaching/consultant domain) In-depth knowledge of the Abroad education system, universities, admissions requirements, and academic programs. Comprehensive understanding of the multiple-country visa application process, including student visas and other relevant visa types. You wield an innate passion for sales, skillfully orchestrating triumphs. You draw inspiration from unconventional strategies that weave through successful sales narratives. Your communication is a canvas, painted with vivid articulations, persuasive strokes, and captivating dialogues that leave an indelible impression. You thrive amid trials, transforming obstacles into stepping stones. Your persistence weaves the tapestry of your success story. Shape-shift with elegance, seamlessly adapting to evolving landscapes. You perceive change as a canvas for innovation. You recognize that collaboration choreographs brilliance. Your dance harmonizes seamlessly within a team, where notes of insight and support compose the melody of achievement. Experience living, studying, or working abroad is a plus. Proficiency in harnessing tools at hand and innovative sales technologies is a distinct advantage.

✰Perks: Compensation that rewards your mastery, supplemented with performance-driven incentives. Work remotely A wholesome package of training and developmental avenues that constantly enrich your skill set. An ecosystem fostering innovation, where every voice harmonizes into the choir of progress. A chance to script your chapter in Nbyula's success saga celebrated with fervor. Opportunity to help build one of the most immersive community-driven global technology platforms for international work and studies like it’s never been attempted before. Your work will be on the live wire in front of millions of users Access to thousands of books No bureaucracy, respect for logical and analytical minds with thoughts and ideas

Who is an ideal match for being a terraformer at Nbyula? All the attributes that we are looking for in an ideal teammate. Openness- We welcome people from different backgrounds and schools of thought, Terraformers are open to different perspectives in approaching a solution and not just limit their thoughts or ideas to only a specific domain Conscientiousness- We believe in working together for the larger goal and with complete dedication and not just for personal benefits, however we do not expect terraformers to work to the point of burnout Humility- Being humble, grateful and respectful are the core traits of terraformers, we do not expect people to agree with every view of the management, feel free to have a different perspective but we always expect it to be put forward with respect Risk Takers- Terraformers are not afraid of the unknown and are open to new things, not that we encourage extreme risks without weighing the consequences but we are ones who take calculated risks Autodidacts- Terraformers teach themselves to learn, we do our own research to get solutions, we do not expect you to have a blank slate and figure everything out yourself, we are here to guide you but not handhold and micromanage you Self-Actualization- Terraformers are on the path of self-actualization, we are not bothered by the noise and distractions around us, we only work towards achieving our full potential. We do not expect you to over-burden yourself and not have fun but we expect you to work to the best of your capabilities

About Us: Nbyula is a German technology brand headquartered in Berlin with a Research & Development Center in Bengaluru, Karnataka, operational since 2014. Nbyula believes in creating an open world, where opportunities and talent are not hindered by borders or bureaucracies. Nbyula is materializing this by leveraging the bleeding edge of technologies like cloud, distributed computing, crowdsourcing, automation, gamification, and many more. The North Star is to create a horizontal marketplace encompassing people, content, products & services for international work and studies, to enable, train and empower "Skillizens without Borders''.

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*Terraformers-The term 'Terraformers' refers to and is a sci-fi reference for planetary engineers- crafting entire terrains, hydrospheres, lithospheres, and atmospheres, to make the planet habitable for life forms. In Nbyula terms, this is analogous to discovering, shaping, and settling new worlds for Skillizens without Borders.