Solutions Engineer

  • Bengaluru
  • Ip Infusion
Brief - A Solutions Engineer interfaces with customers and identifies their needs. A Solutions Engineer will then work with various departments from network engineers, support and operations to ensure a plan is in motion to improve the customer's experience or build a solution. A Solutions Engineer works to balance various aspects of the project, from safety to design. Additionally, a Solutions Engineer researches advanced technology regarding best practices in the field and seek to find cost-effective solutions. Desirable Skills - Experience in Customer Solution and System Testing and Customer Proof of Concepts with below experience In designing and testing network topologies, and simulating customer environments in a Service Provider, Datacenter, and Mobile Backhaul networks. Knowledge of L2 Protocols including VLANs, xSTP, ACLs, SNMP, VRRP, MLAG andRing based technologies i.e. ERPS Knowledge on the MPLS enabled Protocols and Technologies including LDP/RSVP-TE , BGP-LU, L2/L3 VPNs, EVPN, and Segment-Routing MPLS. Responsibilities - Closely with Information Technology professionals within the company to ensure hardware is available for projects and working properly Detailed specifications for proposed solutions including the time and scope involved Desirable Skills - Development and leadership skill are preferred Certification Required - CCIE, CCNA, CCNP (Routing / Switching) Experience & Education - BE in Computer Science or equivalent and minimum 15 yrs of experience in Networking.