Optical Fiber Trainer

  • Hyderabad
  • Funfirst Global Skillers Pvt Ltd

<p><strong>Necessary Skill Sets (Technical / Soft Skills)</strong></p><p>1.Installation/repairs of fiber optics system.</p><p>2.Replacement/inspection of optical fiber cables. Splicing and organizing maintenance.</p><p>3.Keep track of signal strengths for adequate performance of devices TV/Computer/Mobiles etc.</p><p>4.Maintain system records on computers.</p><p><strong>JD/Main Responsibilities</strong></p><p>1.Counselling of the candidates coming for short duration course</p><p>2.Delivering good quality training to the candidates using PPTs/LMS.</p><p>3.Conducting Practicals using tools and equipment.</p><p>4.Carrying out weekly assessments and planning retest/training of weak candidates.</p><p>5. Preparing candidates for placements.</p><p>6. Monitoring candidates during on job training and post placement.</p>