Information Technology Program Manager

  • Pune
  • A Industrial Engineering Product Company

IT Rollout- and Integration Manager

(12-18 yrs experience)

· Report to the Transformation Manager (IT) from CLIENT – Project Business.

SAP ERP/S4 HANA implementation experience essential

· Manage the rollout and ensure strong alignment cross-Business Type and cross-Business Unit in cooperation with BU / Functions Representatives.

· Manage and setup collaboration with teams in affected countries and act as point of

contact for local management.

· Plan and manage the required budget for the respective rollouts and assure adherence.

· Definition and tracking of overall schedule towards go-lives and hypercare.

· Define Milestones and required deliverables for those. Derive from general milestone content the project specific proofs.

· Ensure technical scalability of solution towards further Companies together with E2E Process Owners.

· Execute/Supervise Business Case calculations.

· Active involvement of other Cross Functional Partners (e.g. development, data migration, test mgmt., …).

· Management of analysis phases for future Rollouts.

· Be responsible for staffing, capacity and allocation of IT Resources into the Business Types​ (Project Business and other Business Types) in alignment with the IT Transformation Manager and the IT Workstream Process Owners.

· Propose trainings for IT staff on specific knowledge areas needed for the rollout projects.

· Communicate requirements and specifications of SMO into the Business Types via the established collaboration channels (E2E Process Owners, BU/Function representatives).

· Check and manage applicability of “to be” designs of the Business Types for SMO and escalate non fits for SMO to respective instances supported by E2E Process Owners and E2E Compatibility Manager.

· Assure integration and fit of solutions coming from several Business Types to build a working solution for SMO entities receiving the CLIENT solutions.

· Create and align rollout plans between Business Types and SMO​ together with the Rollout Managers of the respective Business Types.

· Assure business continuity during rollouts​.

· Collaborate with Enterprise Architecture on other projects (outside of the CLIENT ecosystem) to assure compatibility, e.g. business/technical specific applications.

· Support the organizational change management with input about recommended trainings and awareness campaigns.

· Keep own team members informed on relevant news of CLIENT (in addition to general news by corporate CLIENT and CLIENT – Project Business communication) and induce & support Organizational Change for the business transformation.


  • Role Owner is entitled to decide on
  • Planning and coordination of project / Rollout scope
  • Escalation of non fits of the overall solution to Transformation Management and/or Steering Committee
  • Members of the group of BU/Functional representatives
  • Role Owner is not entitled to decide (list relevant examples only)
  • Deviations from S/4 standard
  • Definition of foreseen process design
  • Role Owner must drive decision-making and prepare decision basis for
  • Allocation of SMO BUs or SMO Businesses to Business Types
  • Units and Increments to be rolled out in SMO
  • Overall schedule commitment from provider (program) and receiver (BUs, Regions, etc.) for CLIENT rollout.