• Mangalore
  • Job Hub Hr

<ul><li>Administering and explaining benefits to employees, serving as liaison between insurance carriers and employees</li><li>Works with HR team in Reviewing employee complaints and ensuring accurate and timely documentation of concerns or issues, Employee Engagement Activities (Sports events, Outing etc)</li><li>Monitoring of Health Insurance, Visa and Immigration applications, requirements and renewal</li><li>Take messages, direct calls, and answer telephone calls</li><li>Records Keeping and Management</li><li>Operate and maintain machines in the office, like personal computers, voice mail systems, facsimile machines, scanners, and photocopiers</li><li>Run errands and also deliver messages</li><li>Order services, supplies, and materials</li><li>Arrange appointments, manage calendars, and complete work schedules.</li><li>Office facilities management.</li></ul><p></p>