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SINGAPORE 'S PAS Valid for 2 (Years) and Extendable.<BR><BR>JOBS:<BR>S.NO COMPANY SALARY<BR><BR>1. Waiter/Waitress Fine Dining Restaurant 2,000 SGD<BR><BR>2. Supervisor Hotel 2,200 SGD<BR><BR>3. Cook Restaurant 2,400 SGD<BR><BR>4. Dishwasher/Cleaner Restaurant 1,850 SGD<BR><BR>5. Nurse Changi Hospital 2,800 SGD<BR><BR>6. Cashier NTUC 2,250 SGD<BR><BR>7. Electrician Wiring/AC Electric Company 2,250 SGD<BR><BR>8. Driver Logistics Company 2,350 SGD<BR><BR>9. House Keeping Hotel 2,050 SGD<BR><BR>10. Admin (Office) Good Forwarding Co 2,800 SGD<BR><BR>11. Accountant Ladies Brand Co 2,800 SGD<BR><BR>12. HR Executive Ladies Brand Co 2,550 SGD<BR><BR>13. Salesman Shop 2,150 SGD<BR><BR>14. Food Packaging Food Manufacturing Co 2,000 SGD<BR><BR>15. Fruit Packing Fruit Packing Co 2,000 SGD<BR><BR>16. Computer Operator Ladies Brand Co 2,450 SGD<BR><BR>17. Customer Service Shopping Centre 2,450 SGD<BR><BR>18. Supervisor/Store Keeper Restaurant 1,800 SGD<BR><BR>BENEFITS -<BR><BR>FOOD AND ACCOMMODATION PROVIDED BY COMPANY<BR><BR>MEDICAL PROVIDED BY COMPANY<BR><BR>TRAVELLING ALLOWANCES BY COMPANY<BR><BR>DRESS CODE PROVIDED BY COMPANY<BR><BR>VISA IS EXTENDED AFTER COMPLETED YOUR CONTRACT PERIOD<BR><BR>ALL PROCESSING TIME 30 WORKING DAYS ( 50 DAYS )<BR><BR>AFTER APPLIED POSITION 12 WORKING DAYS GET IPA ( IN<BR><BR>PRINCIPLE OF APPROVAL ISSUED BY SINGAPORE IMMIGRATION )<BR><BR>HR &ACCOUNTS ADMIN EXECUTIVE - S PASS<BR><BR>PAYROLL & HR SUPPORT EXECUTIVE - S PASS<BR><BR>ELECTRICAL ENGINEER - W.P & S PASS BOTH<BR><BR>FOOD & BEVERAGE (F&B) EXECUTIVE - S PASS<BR><BR>PROJECT TEAM LEAD (JAVA) - E PERMIT<BR><BR>IT PROJECT MANAGER (LAB AND IT ) - E PERMIT<BR><BR>UI/UX DESIGNER - E PERMIT<BR><BR>SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT MANAGER - E PERMIT<BR><BR>ALL S PASS AND E PASS OPENING AS PER COMPANY REQUIREMENT<BR>MINIMUM 2 YEARS EXP REQUIRED IT'S DIRECT SELECTION ONLY EXP CANDIDATE NEED NO INTERVIEW.<BR><BR>Contact :-<BR>With Regards,<BR>Immigration Experts<BR>Contact # +91-9013303669 Whatsapp<BR>Address: IMMIGRATION EXPERTS<BR>Arunachal Building<BR>Barakhamba Road New Delhi 110001