Design Manager

  • Bengaluru
  • Houzlook

We at Houzlook are a professional group of individuals with sufficient corporate exposure and insightful creative vision to provide complete interior design services from ‘design concept to completion’. Our utmost priority is to offer innovative solutions through Design Excellence. We love creating interiors that reflects & compliments our Client’s Lifestyle, Passion & Personal Flair through collective imagination.

Job Description

1. Developing and Maintaining Customer Relationship Management with all customers.

2. Need to handle a complete Design department (Design team and 3D rendering team) and achieve all targets and assignments in time.

3. Ensure all project designs should complete in time as per timeline given to customers, with high quality, as per requirement details provided by customers, meeting customer expectations, as per our scope & price defined in our quotation and as per the measurement taken at site.

4. As a Design Manager you need to introduce new design models or strategies for the company.

5. Involve in planning, tracking and publishing of all designs activities on a daily basis and daily reports should be published to the Management regularly.

6. Actively participate in new value innovation work related to the design department.

7. Need to introduce new effective design ideas with the team and organization for more design productivity.

8. Ensure to update the daily status to higher authority or Management of the company. Ensure always you need to accept the assignment from your reporting manager, ensure your team is in sync for the same and need to complete all your assignments as per your Manager’s plan in time is mandatory always.

9. Need to upgrade yourself with latest design technologies, new or creative design ideas and implement the same in the daily work.

10. Ensure to play a professional team player role among the team always and need to motivate the team as a Design Manager for more productive work.

11. As a Design Manager you need to mentor\ help other team members and you need to complete your assignment in time.

12. You should be complete process oriented and follow all processes within the organization.

13. As a Design Manager you need to handle a complete design department for day to day activities, design review, customer escalations, in-time design completion, in-time push to production, quality deliverable, all processes to be followed, all communications should be in formal email communications, weekly status meetings, daily reports\meetings, Presales closer, planning etc.

14. Ensure you will be completing all your assignments or your given target by company in time and ensure your team members also follow the same.

15. Ensure you need to meet all customer expectations always in terms of design as per our company policy with zero defects and customers positive feedback for all projects.

16. Need to handle all queries from customers related to their interior design and executions related work and close them in time\ proactively before handover the projects.

17. Need to interact with the design team, rendering team, production team, sales\PreSales team and execution team related to any design and executions related work to be done for any customers.

18. Need to ensure all processes are followed as per company’s rule related to interior design work and involve in preparing better processes to achieve better performance workflow.

19. Need to be involved in preparing BOQ, Quotations for all projects during design phase and negotiate with customers till finalize the quotation and publish the final quotation with customers approvals.

20. Need to be involved in preparing all process related documents for the design department to ensure all documents are in place related to clients presentations like catalog/ libraries in terms colors, material selections, finishes, product modeling, accessories, appliances, cost details etc.

21. Need to ensure zero reviews or mistakes after your design reviews for any projects.

22. Need to arrange training for the design department every month related to any new product knowledge, anything related to new design technologies, new processes, new vendors in the market etc.

Software : AutoCAD 2D, Sketch Up

Job Type : Full-time