Data Manager

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<p><strong>Job Summary:</strong></p><ul><li>As the Data Manager, your primary responsibility is to distribute tasks effectively among the team on a daily basis.</li><li>Ensure that each team member is clear about their assigned duties and timelines.</li><li>Sharing Previous Day Data Report with Ops Manager: It is crucial to compile and share a comprehensive report summarizing the previous day's data activities with the Operations Manager.</li><li>Acknowledging Issues Reported by Other Teams: Promptly acknowledge and address any issues reported by other teams related to data management.</li><li>Keeping Track of Reported Issues: Maintain a systematic record of all reported issues, their status, and the actions taken to address them.</li></ul><p><br></p><p><strong>Responsibilities:</strong></p><p>Develop and implement data management policies, procedures, and standards</p><p>Ensure data accuracy, integrity, and security by establishing data quality control measures</p><p>Oversee the collection, storage, and organization of data using appropriate databases and systems</p><p>Collaborate with other teams to optimize data systems.</p><p>Monitor and evaluate data management processes to identify areas for improvement and implement necessary changes</p><p>Train and educate staff members on data management best practices and data governance policies</p><p>Stay up to date with industry trends and advancements in data management technologies</p><p><br></p><p><strong>Requirements:</strong></p><p>Master's degree preferred</p><p>Proven experience as a data manager or in a similar role</p><p>Strong knowledge of data management principles, practices, and techniques</p><p>Knowledge of data governance and data protection regulations</p><p>Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills</p><p>Excellent communication and interpersonal skills</p><p>Must be able to delegate tasks to the team and manage the team overall</p>